True Aussie Beef & Lamb

Uncovering the U.S. Lamb and Grassfed Beef Shopper Journey & How to Influence It


As the marketing board for Meat and Livestock Australia, True Aussie Beef & Lamb needed to drive awareness and trial in order to establish loyalty in the US market. They quickly discovered that they needed data and insights to help meat suppliers and retailers uncover and better understand the shopper journey.


True Aussie Beef & Lamb partnered with MarketingLab to perform a Voice of the Shopper (VOS) survey. Using a quantitative online national survey focused on 6 key markets and several demographic subgroups, MarketingLab quickly and efficiently surveyed over 1,000 shoppers who had purchased lamb and grassfed beef in the past three months at retail.

MarketingLab IP

Voice of the Shopper (VOS) Research


Six key markets and several demographic subgroups


MarketingLab surveyed 1027 shoppers who bought meat in the past three months at retail


The VOS survey revealed real-time, actionable shopper and behavioral insights that not only empowered True Aussie Beef & Lamb to reach their target audience with the right message at the right time, but also heavily influenced their strategic planning and key retailer meetings.

True Aussie Beef and Lamb uses the VOS survey’s purchase and behavioral insights at key retailer meetings, proving that the voice of the retailer’s consumer is incredibly powerful.

More about the VOS survey work:

Beyond helping at key retailer meetings, the VOS survey has informed subsequent tactics. Shoppable recipes create a stronger connection with shoppers and direct them where to buy meat products, taking them from the point of inspiration to decision and transaction. This work helps the industry focus its marketing efforts on driving awareness and purchase at retail.

Strategic Shift:

With the help of the VOS survey, True Aussie Beef & Lamb turned their focus to the right conversion message and budget allocation. In turn, their VOS survey insights and recommendations have become pillars of their strategic recommendations, helping them gain greater brand and retail alignment.

Impact on the Brand Going Forward:

Moving forward, the shopper behavior content and insights uncovered by VOS will continue to be essential in:

Showing the global brand how shoppers purchase and perceive beef and lamb differently in the US (vs. in other global markets)

Demonstrating thought leadership to retailers and industry peers

Continuing to guide the development of innovative initiatives to better connect with the lamb and grassfed beef shopper

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