Leveraging Retailer Data to Drive Conversion


Summer’s Eve had recently launched Simply Summer’s Eve Free and Gentle. Compared to the brand’s legacy products, Simply is a more mildly scented product geared toward younger millennials, an audience that’s aligned with Target’s core consumer. In order to drive sell-through and retain shelf space, the brand needed to effectively target and inspire millennial consumers to try Simply.


Target’s core consumers are seeking solutions that are relevant to their everyday lifestyle. In order to reach a specific segment within these core consumers, the brand needed to change their misconception of Summer’s Eve as a solution for them. We knew that a more thoughtful, targeted approach was necessary to drive trial of Simply.


Leveraging 1st party retailer data, MarketingLab developed a highly targeted digital media approach. First, we identified 3 core groups of Target guests and then developed various offers and messages that would resonate with each of them. Because we were testing multiple elements, we chose digital platforms that could best track ROI and deliver on our client’s objectives, such as social media, retail native ads, and offsite media. Current Summer’s Eve users received media that promoted brand benefits and delivered a low-incentive offer (10% off). Lapsed users received ads with legacy packaging and a higher incentive offer (20% off), and potential users received a 15% savings offer.

Campaign/Project Duration

Jan – May (BBP)
June – September (SE)





MarketingLab IP

ShopperVerse Strategic Planning

MarketingLab Creative Services


Digital Ads
Social Ads
Cartwheel Offers
Digital Search on Target.com and External Search


Digital Ad Within Target.com and Off-site driving to Target.com
Social Ads on Facebook.com
Search both on Target.com and Off-Site

Key Performance Indicators Measured

Awareness, Consideration, Intent, Media Metrics, Offer Redemption, and Sales.

Summer’s Eve Results

After the brand demonstrated success at Target with one Simply scent, additional scents were sold in.

Both online and in-store sales were higher among guests who were exposed to the media vs. control guests who were not.

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