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We have access to great data and we know how to use it.

MarketingLab is built to meet every challenge throughout your process. Whether you leverage a single MarketingLab service or execute an integrated campaign, our work is rooted in real-time customer data and behavioral insights. When it all comes together? That’s when real change happens.

Voice of Shopper (VOS) ShopperVerse DSX MarketingLab Creative Services Iris E-Commerce Assessment SellCheck

Voice of Shopper (VOS) Research

Do you know how consumers purchase your product? The agile yet robust methodology behind VOS identifies key touchpoints to influence and drive conversion. VOS uncovers current insights quickly and cost-efficiently to inform strategic planning and empower you to connect with shoppers at pivotal moments along their journey.

ShopperVerse® Strategic Planning

How do you move your shoppers from awareness to purchase? It takes more than impressions—it takes conversion. Powered by insights, ShopperVerse enables you to effectively plan and deploy campaigns across platforms to move consumers from inspiration to transaction with no dead ends.

Digital Shopping Experience (DSX®)

When it comes to digital, are you putting your money in the right place? DSX is the largest singular repository of retailer and open vendor digital capabilities, indexed and scored based on key conversion criteria. DSX not only enables you to keep tabs on the latest developments in the digital ecosystem, but it allows you to meet your business objectives with the right vendor mix.

MarketingLab Creative Services

Does your team have the right Insight-driven solutions? MarketingLab’s creative services team delivers insight-based, emotionally-driven work that connects with consumers to drive conversion or change behavior. From website design to retail POS and more, we have the passion, expertise and innovation to deliver show-stopping creative work that solves your business challenges.

Iris E-Commerce Assessment

Is your digital shelf working as hard as it needs to? Our E-Commerce Assessment tool thoroughly and cost-effectively evaluates your e-commerce presence. Backed by years of shopper marketing experience and a rich understanding of retailer algorithms, our digital team uses a shopper lens and a unique API integration to assess and optimize your key products, monetize your digital shelf and increase sales.


How effective is your creative? The future of testing is here, and it’s proven to drive sales. SellCheck uses the combination of behavioral science and marketing expertise to predict the success of your communication. Results in just 48 hours, evaluations provide clear direction on how to improve, as well as a go/no-go to market recommendation.

Strategic Planning

  • Shopper Journey - Path to Purchase
  • Channel Optimization
  • Retailer-Specific Strategy
  • Market-Specific Strategy
  • Retailer Media
  • Consumer/Shopper Segmentation - Multi-Cultural
  • Trade Communications/Sell‑In
  • Data Collection & Planning
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Creative Services

  • Retail POS
  • Digital Animation & GIPHY
  • Website Design & Coding
  • Video Production
  • Advertising
  • Branding/Logo Development
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  • Product Detail Page Assessment
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Seasonal Content Management
  • Ratings & Review Generation
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Retailer Media Networks

  • Amazon
  • Mass
  • Grocery
  • Home Improvement
  • Drug
  • Dollar Store
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Digital & Mobile

  • Digital Advertising
  • Retailer Media
  • Retargeting
  • Digital Capability Building/Digital Vendor Selection (DSX)
  • Couponing
  • AR Experiences
  • Chat Bots
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  • Consumer Research
  • Shopper Research
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  • Social Content
  • Digital Content
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Community Management
  • In-House Photography Studio
  • Video Production
  • Influencers
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Engagement & Promotions

  • Sweepstakes
  • Microsites
  • Experiential Events
  • Consumer Loyalty Programs
  • Rebates
  • Sampling
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Partnership Marketing

  • Cross-Category Partnerships
  • Cause Partnerships
  • Category Partnerships
  • Sports Marketing Partnerships
  • Media & Entertainment Partnerships
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Dynamic Media

  • Print - OOH
  • Transit - OOH
  • Video/Audio
  • Retailer Media
  • Mobile Media
  • Digital Television
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