Revitalizing the Plant Food & Soil Category


Scotts is the lawn and garden category leader. To their credit, they’re always looking for ways to improve marketing and merchandising at home improvement retailers. Not only was Scotts looking for category merchandising solutions to sign post destinations within the lawn and garden category, they also desired merchanding that connected to the shelf while driving impulse purchases.


Once “plant parents” and gardeners discover the importance of proper soil and the right food for their plants, they utilize the proper soil and feed them more often. Not only do their plants show less distress, but they live longer, bloom bigger and have more bounty.


We needed to create a meaningful connection and drive conversion while building the Scotts Miracle-Gro brands. So we started by utilizing SellCheck to evaluate previous Scotts in-store creative executions. After carefully considering the client’s business objectives as well as all of the SellCheck behavioral science feedback, we developed new in-store creative that both educated shoppers and appealed to the emotional side of being a plant parent.

Originally developed for planograms and sell-in, MarketingLab designed easy-to-follow category signs with color coding to inform new gardeners about the importance of proper soil and plant food. At shelf, Scotts in-store exclusive placements (pallet bridges and “box on a stick” displays) demonstrated the emotional and functional benefits of plant food.

Campaign/Project Duration

Planting Season (executions went up regionally as the weather transitioned from Winter to Spring)

Majority: April-July (40% of plant food sales happen May-June)




The Home Depot

MarketingLab IP

MarketingLab Creative Services



Product Shelf Strip Concepts Influenced Signs throughout the Category

Different types of gardens and plants have different soil needs. To identify soil categories and educate shoppers on the benefits of each, MarketingLab developed color coded signs at shelf (above) for planograms.

The signs were then modified by the retailer and used as category headers and shelf signs throughout the garden center on storage racks, above pallets and in pallet bridges (below).

Pallet Bridges and Box on a Stick Displays

To ensure shoppers turned into buyers, MarketingLab utilized SellCheck evaluations and optimized the pallet bridge (above) and box on a stick creative (below) prior to release. SellCheck uses behavioral science to deliver actionable feedback on creative to improve effectiveness.

Below, you can see the before and after on the box on a stick signs. Notice the change in imagery and copy based on the evaluations. Both options have simplified designs, broader appeal and give the shopper more reassurance with visualized benefits.


The Home Depot Displays

4 box on a stick (BOAS) displays per store throughout the Garden Center
6 pallet bridge displays per store throughout the Garden Center

Lowe’s Displays

2 BOAS displays per store throughout the Garden Center
3 pallet bridge displays per store throughout the Garden Center

We know how to make a meaningful connection and turn shoppers into buyers. Give us a call—we’d love to talk more about it!