When shoppers need to treat a yeast infection, Monistat is their #1 over-the-counter brand. But when it comes to actually shopping for Monistat in store? Well, that’s another story.


There’s a lot of product confusion and personal anxiety/embarrassment surrounding yeast infection treatments—shoppers want to quickly get in, get something, and get out.


Using retail-specific tactical plan, we enabled shoppers to discreetly find a solution on their terms and reassured them that Monistat is still their #1 choice.

Campaign/Project Duration

Text-for-Info: 1 month
Permanent Blades: 1 year
Digital Banner Ads: 2 months (Walmart)




Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens


In-Store Signage and Text-for-Info

MarketingLab IP

Voice of Shopper (VOS) Research

Digital Shopping Experience (DSX®)





In-store signage and text-for-info messaging opened up a discreet and authentic line of communication enabling shoppers to make a comfortable and confident purchase.


Digital Ads

Walmart banner ads connected with shoppers who needed Monistat, but might not want to walk through a mass merchant aisle to get it, informing them of a Click and Collect feature.



Served as a hub for the text-for-info POS providing education about the unique benefits and packaging contents of the Monistat product options.


By tailoring our programming and tactics across all retailers (based on shopper-specific insights), we strengthened Monistat’s leadership in the Fem-Care category, increased sales, and facilitated a higher level of collaboration with each of their customers.

14.8% sales lift at CVS

Over 2,000 texts in 4 weeks at CVS, equaling 2,000 less walkaways

70% new shoppers to the category at Walmart

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