The over-the-counter baby category is busy. Many brands compete for space and shoppers’ attention, all with their unique selling features. Little Remedies stands out in this crowd because of the ingredients that are not included in their products.


When it comes to shopping for baby health remedies, we know that moms do a lot of online research. Little Remedies needed to ensure that their digital shelf was working as hard as it could to communicate their core benefits and points of difference to grab mom’s attention, reassure her, and secure her loyalty.


Using our proprietary E-Commerce Assessment Tool, Iris, we assessed the effectiveness of every element within the brand’s product pages, such as page titles, product descriptions, images, and ratings and reviews. After identifying issues, our digital team used behavioral science insights to update, optimize, and tailor content for retailer-specific guidelines and search algorithms, the human shopping habits, and the mobile experience. In total, we optimized the content and provided digital shelf management and syndication services for over 38 SKUs across seven primary retailers.



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Amazon Video

MarketingLab IP

Iris E-Commerce Assessment




Product Pages

Our multi-retailer e-commerce product page development included creative design of Above the Fold (ATF), Below the Fold (BTF), and brand store pages with quality, engaging content that resonates with shoppers: clear, vivid, and helpful imagery along with well-written product descriptions. We also provided a ratings and reviews sampling and syndication program, and retailer-specific SEO optimization.

Product Video

The vivid, concise video showcased the package contents to help shoppers visualize how to use the product and proactively answer questions early on in their decision-making process.

Banner Ads

Banner ads raised awareness and drove traffic to retailer-specific pages where shoppers could learn more and purchase the product.


Increased brand engagement/brand recall

Increased overall digital health score from 70% to 99.7%

Is your digital shelf optimized for retailer guidelines and search algorithms? We can help you answer that question and more.