Amazon Fresh is an extremely important distribution channel for Just BARE Chicken’s fresh and prepared products. When the service became a free benefit for Prime members in major markets, our client knew this was the prime time to optimize their content.


We know that the shopper’s first moment of truth is connecting with the images and content above the fold. Plus, brands with A+ pages, or below the fold content, show a 10% higher conversion rate. To give shoppers a reason to buy and provide a simple, seamless path to purchase, Just BARE not only needed to connect with shoppers on a functional level above the fold, but also keep them engaged with compelling and emotionally-relevant content below the fold.


We used our proprietary E-Commerce Assessment Tool, Iris, to evaluate the brand’s existing Amazon product pages. Overall, the brand scored a 46 out of 100, indicating room for improvement but also presenting a clear path for optimization.

Working with all 24 product pages across the brand’s fresh and frozen product lines, we optimized all content: product titles, bullets, imagery, image descriptions, descriptive copy, and keywords. In addition, we enhanced their brand store and syndicated all content to ensure it displayed properly once the pages went live.

By approaching the Just BARE digital shelf with a shopper mindset and complying with the Amazon A9 algorithm, we ultimately improved findability and increased sales.

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Optimized Amazon Product Pages

We redesigned the A+ pages with quality, engaging content that resonates with shoppers: clear, vivid, and helpful imagery, well-written product descriptions optimized for Amazon’s unique algorithm, and plenty of mobile-focused elements.

Above the Fold Images: Just BARE Prepared Products

Above the Fold Images: Just BARE Fresh Chicken Products

Above the Fold (ATF) Content

Our approach used a single look and feel across Just BARE fresh and frozen product offerings, making sure the brand was easily recognizable while calling out the key features and benefits of each. By reorganizing and prioritizing the content, we designed the top half of each product page to be both shopper and mobile friendly, engaging with consumers at their moment of truth and enticing them to click deeper.

A+ Below the Fold (BTF) Content and Brand Store

We leveraged key benefits as well as brand-focused text and images to create a user-friendly, mobile-optimized experience that showcases the full variety of products and drives purchase.


Iris score increased to 99 from 46

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