Western Union depends on the energy created by their retail relationships. Their valuable brand needed a spark, a way to excite, to stand out, to break through the clutter and inject life into their message of moving money conveniently, reliably and affordably.


Don’t just excite retailers — blow their minds with a first of its kind partnership between Western Union and a giant movie release. Use the diverse audience’s love of entertainment and movies to boost Western Union visibility and retail traffic like never before.


And the winner is...Western Union and Rio 2! “Celebration Is In The Air” energized retail locations throughout the country, connecting Western Union with the release of RIO 2. The partnership enabled Western Union to create parallel and electric messages from the movie – celebration, adventure, connectedness and support for loved ones; these are the themes that popped using print, POS, TV, out-of-home and social media. MarketingLab led creative energy and development of vibrant, successful POS and quarterly campaigns for key retailers. Unique DVD offers, an online game, lots of social media buzz and the incredible marketing weight that goes with any big picture release, all worked together to give Western Union and its retailers blockbuster visibility.

Strategic Retail Account Omni-Channel Support

Award Winning:

The work created for the Western Union/RIO 2 marketing partnership got more than audience attention. It got noticed by peers, winning a National Reggie Award.

The 32nd Annual REGGIE® Awards
Western Union/Rio 2 Poster

Targeted 20,000 Retail Locations

• Increased agent compliance by 30%
• Generated 1,875,000,000 impressions over 4 weeks

Western Union/Rio 2 Email

Email Campaigns

• Rio 2 drove family connection and traffic to retail through improved open and click through rates—just in time for Mother’s Day!

Western Union/Rio 2 Sweepstakes game

“Match For Blu” Instant Win Game

395K visits increased My WU member enrollment. Video completion rates and mobile display performance were above benchmarks.

“By quickly establishing themselves and applying their Shopper Marketing expertise, MarketingLab allowed us to refine our in-store creative strategies and executions and further our relationships with key retailers. Additionally, MarketingLab’s ability and willingness to collaborate with our other agency partners has helped create a positive and collaborative working relationship with our other agency partners.”

Shopper Marketing Team at Western Union

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