The flavored vodka category had lost its spark over the years and sales of UV Vodka were fizzling. On top of that, consumers who used to drink UV were trading out of the brand to other spirits. UV needed to find a way to reverse this downward trend and reignite sales and brand relevance.


Re-connect UV to its millennial consumer through shared values and an emotional connection. Make them care. One shared passion of millennials and UV is their support and admiration for military service men and women returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. The creator of UV is a proud military veteran and 60% of the 2MM returning troops are millennials. One of the biggest challenges for returning veterans is finding a good job. This important fact brought us to the conclusion that UV could give back to the community by saluting veterans and helping them find jobs.


MarketingLab launched UV Vodka’s “Salute to the New Heroes.” Salute to the New Heroes was a campaign for UV and its consumers to welcome home servicemen and women and help them succeed on their next mission, finding sustained employment. We encouraged and rewarded user-generated content and word-of-mouth to promote our mission. When consumers posted a “salute” to veterans (#SaluteToHereos) on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feeds, UV donated $1 to Veteran Job Fairs, hosted by Hiring Our Heroes. UV also donated $1 from each bottle of UV sold at participating retailers.

Salute to Heros website Salute to Heros submitted photo

The microsite aggregated UV Vodka #SaluteToHeroes posts and included program information. All of the aggregated #SaluteToHeroes posts created a virtual salute with updated daily content. Plus, the microsite had a donation tracker and countdown to our $50,000 goal.

Salute to Heros social posts Salute to Heros social posts

Social Media Campaign

Soldiers and Veterans supplied personal stories for featured salutes while graphical statistics created awareness about veteran unemployment. In return we received thousands of Soldier stories, salutes and thank you messages.

Salute to Heros case display and neck tag Salute to Heros POS in store


Drove awareness of the Veteran cause in over 3,200 stores with case cards, wraps , neck hangers, gravity feeds, and header cards.


“Their Shopper Marketing expertise has been invaluable to building our programs to another level while maintaining a balance between sales and marketing and focusing on key insights to drive success. They are extremely focused to drive effective campaigns and results all while maintaining an extremely collaborative and team attitude.”

Marketing Director, Phillips Distilling Company

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