Twin Cities Orthopedics is the second largest orthopedic physician group in the U.S. Since sports medicine has boosted the orthopedic care business, two big competitors have emerged in the market – the Mayo Clinic’s new sports medicine facility and TRIA. To electrify the brand and drive patients to one of 24 clinics around the seven county Twin Cities metro area, TCO needed to turn on their brand in a strategic, intelligent and affordable way.


Begin with a patient centric point of view focused on treatment for either acute or chronic care. Guide future patients down the proper care path easily by applying the same insightful strategies we use when marketing consumables or services.


Whether you’re a high-school all star or weekend warrior, MarketingLab made it easy for potential patients to “Visit the Home Team.” With more local doctors and clinics than any competitor and with research highlighting the importance of speed and access, we helped potential patients find the closest, proper care for their injury—right away. A new responsive designed website, doctor sites, vehicle wraps, billboards and TV ads all highlighted TCO’s walk-in clinics as the “go-to” place for acute sport injuries without an appointment.

New TCO responsive website

New Responsive Website

We learned the number one reason patients visited the website was to find a clinic location; so we built a site to reflect that. The patient just selects the injury and city they are in and is then directed to the nearest clinic location.

Custom doctor websites

Over 75 Customized Doctor Websites

Since the main site was dedicated to locations and injuries, custom doctor websites were created to connect the doctors to their local sport and club affiliations, specialties and patient protocols.

TCO bus

Custom Vehicle Wraps

From the weekend warrior to the occasional athlete, we sparked TCO awareness for both with vehicles that covered the town.

TCO billboard

Billboards Near Clinics

The home town clinic awareness was boosted in cities and surrounding areas with billboards touting walk-in clinic locations.


New TV Ad

Rather than ending with just the logo, we ignited awareness in acute sports injury care by listing sports and injuries together.

Since its launch, TCO has experienced a boost in business at every one of its clinics, with Orthopedic Urgent Care visits spiking so significantly, new staff was hired to manage it.

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